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Parent's pick: Noisy Monsters

Noisy Monsters: an Usborne Parent's pick
Asa with Noisy Monsters

Review from Holly, mum of Asa (16 months):

"What better way for babies to celebrate Halloween than with a book like this! My 16 month old boy Asa loved reading Noisy Monsters, there are 8 different noisy buttons for him to press and enjoy, all with humorous sound effects that bring each monster alive on the page, making Asa giggle as we read it together. Encouraging Asa to press each button is a great way to interact with him and really brings the story alive.

This is a fun and lovely book, with brilliant illustrations perfect for children. It is great for his age now and I can see Asa just getting more and more out of the humour as he grows. A great addition to the Noisy series, which we have many of!"

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