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Parent's pick: Baby's very first nature sounds playbook

Baby's very first nature sounds playbook
Max reading Nature Sounds Playbook

Baby's very first nature sounds playbook

Baby's very first nature sounds playbook

Babies will love looking at the bright pictures, listening to the sounds, lifting the flaps and running their fingers over the touch-feely patches in this delightful book. They can match the sound buttons to the pictures to hear gentle music and ten different animal sounds, including an owl hooting, bees buzzing and a frog croaking.


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Review from Carly and Max (Carly's 8-month-old nephew) 

"With Usborne’s Garden sounds and Baby’s very first big play book being firm favourites already, I knew that this would be a hit with Max.

The book was a real treat for the senses, with its combination of trails to follow, flaps to lift, textures to feel and sounds to hear. Max was absolutely fascinated by it and the sounds really grabbed his attention... even his 3-year-old cousin was desperate to see the book for himself!

While Max needed his mummy’s help pushing the buttons, the flaps were big enough for his tiny hands, and he especially loved the fluffy fox tail and flappy owl wings on the night time spread! The illustrations were bold and colourful, with plenty of surprises on each page for Max to interact with.

This was a thoroughly engaging book with lots for mummy and baby to enjoy together. It proved to be an ideal level for a very curious 8-month-old; perfect for a baby beginning to explore and learn about his surroundings."

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