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Parent's pick: Listen and Learn Musical Instruments

Listen and Learn Musical Instruments
Marco with Listen and Learn Musical Instruments

Review from Carla, mum of Marco (age 4):

"My 4-year-old Marco already loves the Listen and Learn series of books; the sound cards are such a clever idea, and allow independent choice (very important to pre-schoolers!)

The newest title Musical Instruments is a fantastic departure from the word and language titles. It has four double-sided cards, each featuring 9 different instruments, nicely grouped into categories: drums, strings, keys, wind etc. The child selects a card, presses on the word 'go' to activate the sounds and then presses on the picture of each instrument to hear it.

With 72 different instruments – some very unusual (vibraslap anyone?) and some that will be familiar already (piano, guitar, violin) – it makes a fantastic introduction to instruments from around the world."