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Parent's pick: Listen and Learn Musical Instruments

Listen and Learn Musical Instruments
Marco with Listen and Learn Musical Instruments

Listen and learn musical instruments

Listen and learn musical instruments

Little children can hear the sounds of more than 70 musical instruments with these delightfully illustrated sound cards. There are four double-sided cards showing groups of instruments from a cello to a didgeridoo and trombone. Slot a card into the frame, then press the picture of an instrument to hear its sound.


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Review from Carla, mum of Marco (age 4):

"My 4-year-old Marco already loves the Listen and Learn series of books; the sound cards are such a clever idea, and allow independent choice (very important to pre-schoolers!)

The newest title Musical Instruments is a fantastic departure from the word and language titles. It has four double-sided cards, each featuring 9 different instruments, nicely grouped into categories: drums, strings, keys, wind etc. The child selects a card, presses on the word 'go' to activate the sounds and then presses on the picture of each instrument to hear it.

With 72 different instruments – some very unusual (vibraslap anyone?) and some that will be familiar already (piano, guitar, violin) – it makes a fantastic introduction to instruments from around the world." 

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