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Parent's pick: Big Book of Trains

Big Book of Trains: an Usborne Parent's Pick
Marco with Big Book of Trains

Big book of trains

Big book of trains

This giant book with fold-out pages is filled with the biggest, longest and most powerful trains ever built, from puffing steam engines and diesel locomotives to high-speed electric trains. Children can discover how the first trains worked, step inside a variety of luxury trains and much more. Includes links to video clips of all kinds of trains.


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Review from Carla, mum of Marco (age 5):

"Big Book of Trains is another great addition to the fantastic Big Book series. My son who’s 5 is a big fan of trains, so was thrilled with this new title.

The large format means the wonderful illustrations are really engaging and there’s also space for plenty of snippets of text – the sort of facts small boys love to learn and retain. The fold out pages make it even more interesting and show the scale of these machines more clearly.

My son’s favourite featured train was the maglev, “because it goes so fast” and secondly the bullet train for the same reason. I’m not sure he could quite imagine the maglev floating above its magnetic rails, but I think that made it even more exciting! Now he wants to go on one – thanks Usborne!"