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Growing Up for Boys – Usborne responds to comments

We have received many comments and press reports regarding an extract in Growing Up for Boys. Usborne always strives to create meticulously researched and carefully written material for children and young adults, and communicate issues in as appropriate a manner as we can. But in this instance, we recognize that we have made a mistake. For this we apologise and reiterate that the material will be revised.  Our remaining stock will be removed from the warehouse and pulped.

Usborne highly values the opinion and feedback of parents and children, and we are passionate about producing the very highest quality and trusted content. Again we are very sorry indeed for any offence this has caused.

Growing Up For Boys is a book that aims to discuss a wide range of vital topics from spots and shaving to cyberbullying, responsibility for contraception, sexual orientation, sexuality, STIs, emotional literacy, sexual and physical abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, brain development, respect in relationships, homophobic bullying, healthy eating, exercise, mental health issues, self-confidence, eating disorders, pornography use and screen addiction.

This particular chapter aimed to explain and demystify to boys what girls go through at puberty, and to promote mutual respect and understanding.  We are troubled that in some reports the wording has been misreported and taken out of context.  However we recognise that this particular content needs revising and we are doing that already.

Usborne stands against gender stereotyping, or any kind of objectification of women and girls. It is our aim to create books which are engaging, educational, child-friendly and accurate, and which communicate the values of respect and understanding. We welcome all feedback which helps us to achieve this. 

For more information please contact Hannah Reardon Steward | Email: | Direct tel: 0207 890 3174

Growing Up for Boys