Flags of the World

Phillip Clarke

Age: 7+


Series: Spotter's Cards

Flags of the World

By: Phillip Clarke

Illustrated by Various

Series : Spotter's Cards

Age 7+

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A box of cards showing the flag of every independent country in the world. Each flag is accompanied by country fact data, from capital cities to currencies. Feature panels tell more about flag designs, symbols and traditions and internet links provide lots more flag information.
56 pages
154 x 98mm
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June 2010
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Phillip Clarke
Phil Clarke grew up in the Cotswolds, and joined Usborne in 1999. He's written far more than he can rightly recall about such things as trees, stars, rocks, sharks, unicorns and dinosaurs, and crafted many puzzles. He lives with his family in the Midlands, and spends his spare minutes sleeping.

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Flags of the World