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Babies love books and it's never too soon to start reading. Usborne baby books are designed using the latest child development information – and feedback from parents – to create playful and engaging books that babies and parents love.

Don't tickle the...

Fans of the THAT'S NOT MY® series won’t be able to resist tickling the touchy-feely patches to hear each animal make a sound in these hilarious novelty books.

Reading with babies: top tips from THAT'S NOT MY® series author Fiona Watt

Bestselling That's not my... author Fiona Watt
  • Start sharing books as soon as possible, even newborn babies will benefit from you reading to them
  • Don’t just read the words, point things out and talk to your little one about what you can see on the page
  • Choose books with touchy-feely patches, flaps to lift and sound buttons
  • Be prepared to read the same books over and over again!
  • Incorporate books into your bedtime routine

The white mouse from That's not my...

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An activity a day with That's not my... books

An activity a day with THAT'S NOT MY® books

We’ve come up with a different way to explore the books with your little one for every day of the week, while at the same time helping your child's early development.

Orla's story: how books help her make sense of the world

Orla's story: how books help her make sense of the world

Orla (age 2) has Down’s syndrome and moderate hearing loss – but the discovery of Usborne’s Baby’s Very First Black and White Books is helping her to build her language skills. 

Little peep-through books

Children will love peeping through the holes and following the fingertrails in search of the elusive little animals in these beautiful books. Perfect for fans of That's not my...

Baby's very first... books

Babies will love looking at the friendly animals and spinning the wheels on these chunky board books, shaped like their favourite vehicles. 

Rhyming question and answer books for babies

These adorable books are full of rhyming questions for little children and charming illustrations to talk about.

Why do babies need books?

Why read books to babies? Usborne Editorial Director and children's book author Felicity Brooks describes some of the ways babies benefit from books long before they're old enough to read.

Baby's very first slide and see books

Babies will love sliding the panels in these bright board books and seeing the animals move. The sliders also help them develop essential motor skills and hand-eye coordination.