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To help you choose a book that's suited to your child's reading level, we provide information from several different reading level systems as well as UK National Curriculum Key stages for each book in the online catalogue. For more about the different schemes, choose a link below.

You can use our Advanced search to find a book by age, Key stage, and Lexile measure.

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Key stage and age

National curriculum Key stages describe the content and level of what a child studies at different ages. Find out more>

Lexile™ measures

The Lexile system is the most widely-used measure of readability around the world. It measures both a reader’s ability and the readability of a book. Find out more>

Book bands

Many schools band books by colour to help children choose the right books for their reading ability. A selection of Usborne titles have been assessed for book banding. Find out more>

Accelerated Reader™

Accelerated Reader is a system used in schools to promote reading skills and enjoyment. Children are assessed to determine their reading ability, then choose from a range of books at their level. Find out more>

CEFR levels

CEFR stands for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It is an internationally recognised framework of six levels of ability in mastering a foreign language. Find out more>

BIC CMBC codes

As a marketing aid for booksellers, each title in the Usborne catalogue is allocated a BIC CBMC (Children's Book Marketing Category) code. Find out more>

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You can use our Advanced Search to find a book by age, Key stage, and Lexile measure, or you can browse books by subject.

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