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Lexile™ measures at Usborne Publishing

The Lexile system is the most widely-used measure of readability around the world. Uniquely, the Lexile system measures both a reader’s ability and the readability of a book or other text, so that readers can easily find books they enjoy at a level they can achieve.

We have assessed over 800 Usborne books for readers at all levels, and we will continue to assess more and publish the Lexile measures on our websites.

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Lexile measures in the UK

Since January 2009, a growing number of children in the UK have had their Lexile level assessed as part of the Progress in English test, used by many schools. They receive the results as a measure, [number]L, which can be used to find books that they will enjoy at an appropriate level of difficulty, supporting reluctant readers and stretching more confident ones. For instance, a child with Lexile level 500L will find books at level 450L relatively easy to read, and books at level 550L challenging but still accessible.

Choosing books for your child

Once your child has been tested at school and you know his or her Lexile level, you can search for books by Lexile measure using the Usborne advanced search. For best reading progress, books at up to 50 points above your child's level are recommended.

All Usborne Lexile-measured books

Choosing the right book

To help you choose a book that's suited to your child's reading level, Usborne support a number of reading level systems. For more information visit Usborne reading levels.

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