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Here are our latest Parents' picks – books chosen by parents as their favourites.

That's not my unicorn...

"What a fabulous addition to the That's not my... canon! This is the 50th book in the That's not my... series, and it's a cracker."

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That's not my unicorn...

Baby's Very First Bus Book

"Harry absolutely loves spinning the wheels of the bus and pointing at the different animals as Lion (or 'Rar-Rar' as he's been affectionately named by Harry) continues his journey."

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Parent's Pick: Baby's Very First Bus Book

My First Drumming Book

"What a brilliant idea for a music book from Usborne! My 4 year old son Marco loves his copy of My First Drumming Book, it is rarely put away, so often is it in use."

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My First Drumming Book

Fold-out ABC

"As well as being a sweet little alphabet, this book gets a big thumbs-up for me for encouraging solo book time!"

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Fold-out ABC: an Usborne Parent's pick
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