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Why do we need bees?

Bees spread pollen by visiting flowers, and that helps plants to grow. Without them we couldn't grow lots of the vegetables and fruits we eat.

But bees are in danger. Changes in our towns and countryside mean it can be hard for bees to find enough flowers. That's why we want to encourage little children to learn all about the amazing world of bees, and what we can do to look after them.

Did you know?

  • It takes around 20,000 bees to make one jar of honey. One bee makes only an eighth of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime
  • A strong bee colony flies the equivalent distance to the moon every day
  • Bees have been on earth since dinosaur times
  • Bees do a little dance to show other bees where to find the best flowers

Why do we need bees?

Books on bees

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We're giving away two brilliant bee books for small children: That's not my bee... and Why Do We Need Bees? in our monthly website competition.

Helping bees

Here are some tips on how you can help the bees:

  • Fill a small plate with water and place outside. Hardworking bees get thirsty but are too small to drink from ponds or bird baths.
  • Spotted a tired or struggling bee on the ground? Mix 2x spoons of sugar with 1x spoon of water, and place next to the bee. It'll have a drink and be ready to go in no time!
  • Plant lots of different flowers next to each other. This makes it easier for the bees to collect lots of tasty pollen and nectar.

Why do we need bees?

Usborne Quicklinks

You can find out much more about bees on Usborne Quicklinks, which features carefully selected links to websites for children to learn more safely online.