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Billy and the Mini Monsters

Billy and the Mini Monsters by Zanna Davidson is an exciting addition to the Usborne Young Reading Programme. The series was specially written for less confident readers and was chosen for the Summer Reading Challenge in both 2019 and 2018.

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Billy and the Mini Monsters

Billy is an ordinary boy until one night he finds five mini monsters living in his sock drawer. From the moment he discovers Gloop, Peep, Fang-Face, Captain Snott and Trumpet, Billy's life will never be the same again... 

Gloop from Billy and the Mini Monsters
Mini Monster Gloop

Monsters at the Seaside was selected for the Summer Reading Challenge in 2019, and Monsters in the Dark was selected in 2018.

Zanna Davidson, author of Billy and the Mini Monsters

A note from the author

"I wrote Billy and the Mini Monsters with reluctant readers in mind (in particular my own two boys) in order to try and tempt them into reading. I set out to create funny, fast-paced stories made up of small, digestible chunks of text, alongside lots of colourful pictures, comic strips and diagrams. For this, we were lucky enough to find Melanie Williamson, who has filled the books with her laugh-out-loud illustrations.

I'm delighted that these titles were chosen for the Summer Reading Challenge and hope they inspire kids to keep reading and create their own Mini Monster characters and stories."

Zanna Davidson, author of Billy and the Mini Monsters

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If your child enjoyed one of the Billy and the Mini Monsters books, why not ask them if they'd like to write a review? Just click on one of the covers at the top of this page, and then on the Reader reviews tab.

The monsters were really funny and I really enjoyed the book. The smart boy was such a show off as well. Reader review of Monsters on a Plane from the Summer Reading Challenge website

Mini Monsters activity sheets

Download these activity sheets to cut out and make your own monster finger puppets, or colour scenes from the books. Click on a picture to download a pdf.

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