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Usborne books on the STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – are fun and engaging introductions to these essential subjects, with flaps to lift, and experiments, activities, puzzles and recommended websites.

STEM in the classroom is about using science and maths to design, test and build solutions to problems in our technological world, and engineering is the practical application of these skills. STEM qualifications are needed for employment in a wide range of subjects including coding and game design, environmental studies, medical sciences, development of new materials, space exploration, robotics and much, much more.

Year of Engineering

Year of Engineering

Usborne Publishing is an official partner of the 2018 Year of Engineering, a UK Government initiative to get more young people interested in engineering.

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Science books

A knowledge of the basic principles of science is essential in our modern world, and our award-winning science books help children discover the latest information with engaging lift-the-flap and question and answer books. Browse all science books or download our STEM poster for World Book Day 2018 (pdf).

I was surprised to learn so much from this book. What I really like about it is that it’s full of unexpected things, it doesn’t shy away from discussing even some of the big questions that we don’t know the answers to just yet. Royal Society Young People's Book Prize judges on 100 Things to Know About Space

Technology books

The children of today will be inventing the technology of the future – and maybe even travelling in self-driving cars and visiting the Moon. Many of them will have been inspired by the books they read as children, including perhaps, some of the following. Browse all technology books.

Brings a really difficult topic to a level children can master. LoveReading4Kids review of Lift-the-flap computers and coding
Think Like an Engineer

Think Like an Engineer activity booklet

Find out what it takes to be an awesome engineer in this free online activity booklet, filled with problems to solve, things to create and links to websites to find out more.

Maths books

Introduce children to essential maths concepts, including fractions, decimals, times tables and percentages, with these fun and interactive lift-the-flap and activity books. Browse all maths books.

The focus is on applying maths to everyday functions and the full colour pages are cheerfully illustrated with small figures busily engaged in a variety of activities. Guardian Education on See Inside Maths
Scientist with magnifying glass

More about STEM

The acronym STEM was first used in the US about 20 years ago, when it was recognised that jobs requiring STEM subjects were growing faster than non-STEM jobs and that there was a skills gap in these subjects. Since then, national curriculums in English-speaking countries have been working to improve the uptake of STEM subjects to ensure school leavers are equipped with the necessary skills for the economies of the future.

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