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Ancient Egypt books for children

Discover the wonders and mysteries of the Pharaohs with Usborne activity books, flap books, encyclopedias and action adventures set in Ancient Egypt.

History of Ancient Egypt

Why did the Ancient Egyptians build pyramids and make mummies? How did a settlement on the Nile grow to one of the world's greatest civilisations? These questions and more are answered in these books about one of the most fascinating periods in human history.

Usborne books are brilliant at combining educational and fun aspects, making them a perfect educational and fun read. Luca Priolo, The British Museum

Ancient Egypt activity books

This is how history should be for kids: fun, interesting, educative, engaging. website
Usborne Quicklinks

Interested in learning more about Ancient Egypt? All Usborne books on Egyptians have links to websites where you can meet Tutankhamun, take virtual tours of Egypt, write your name in hieroglyphs and more.

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