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Our top back to school books

Here’s some books we recommend to help your child do well in the coming school year. 

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Usborne mums share their top tips on how to prepare your child for their first days at school.

Starting school

Usborne Key Skills to support school learning

Usborne Key Skills is a new series of wipe-clean books to support the English and Maths that children learn at school. The series is organised by age and colourful characters illustrate the laminated pages, which can be wiped clean so children can practise the activities again and again.

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Starting secondary school

At secondary school, your child will be spending more time online.  Staying Safe Online is a very readable guide to the possibilities and dangers on the internet, while the Growing Up books are frank and friendly guides for teenagers as they embark on puberty. To help them with their homework there are stylish illustrated dictionaries.  

Usborne Quicklinks

Many Usborne books are enhanced with recommended web links at Usborne Quicklinks, where you can watch videos, take part in quizzes, practise coding, get extra homework help and more.

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