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Sports books

Usborne sports books, including one of the best cricket books for children

Usborne sports books are bound to provide hours of fun for young sports fans – and perhaps inspire future Olympic athletes! Check out the Cricket Sticker Book if you're looking for one of the best cricket books for children or scroll down for more highlights.

Play cricket this summer

Cricket Sticker Book

Cricket fans will love to dress the bowler, batsman, wicket keeper and fielders in their cricket gear, organise the players on the pitch and place their team in the perfect position to score a century in this brilliant sticker book. Find out more...

Cricket sticker book

Cricket rules

Download this pdf taken from the Cricket Sticker Book, which explains what a bowler does, what a wicket is and how to score runs.

Download the Cricket rules pdf

One of the best cricket books for children

Strange cricket facts

  • The first recorded cricket game was in 1646, when two boys got in trouble for playing cricket instead of going to church!
  • The 'stumps' are so-called because English shepherds – who first discovered the sport – used to bat in front of a tree stump.
  • The longest ever cricket match was between England and South Africa in 1939. After nine days of play the match was abandoned as a draw – so England didn't miss the boat home!
  • The England wicket-keeper Alec Stewart was born on 8th April 1963, or 8/4/63. In his England career he went on to score exactly 8463 runs!

Usborne football and rugby books

Young football and rugby fans can bring matches to life with sticker, colouring and activity books, or learn and practise the skills needed to become a star.

Gym Stars

When Tara joins the Silverdale Gym Club, she is catapulted into their star team. But with training for national competitions, homework and friendships to balance, it's not easy being a gym star...

Summertime and Somersaults

Summertime and Somersaults

Tara loves gym and spends every spare moment practising in her garden. When she joins the Silverdale Gym Club, Tara's catapulted into their star team. But with so many new things to learn - like backflips, somersaults and handsprings, how will Tara ever catch up with her talented teammates? With a foreword by Olympic medal winner Beth Tweddle.


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This book was more of a success than I had imagined possible, in that it has both helped my daughter's gymnastics and provided her with an increased enjoyment of fiction. Reader's review of Gym Stars: Summertime and Somersaults
Friendships and Backflips

Friendships and Backflips

Tara has been entered for her first ever gym competition and she's desperate to win. But she's so busy learning the tricky routine that she doesn't have time for her best friends. When they all fall out, Tara realizes that her friends are more special than any medal. Can she find a way to make up with them and follow her gym star dreams? With a foreword by Olympic medal winner Beth Tweddle.


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Handsprings and Homework

Handsprings and Homework

Gym-mad Tara still can't believe she's part of the Silverdale Gym Club - and that she's through to a national competition! But Tara's homework is starting to pile up and when her teachers notice that her schoolwork is sliding she's in big trouble... Can Tara finish all her work on time and win a gold medal? With a foreword by Olympic medal winner Beth Tweddle.


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Riding and pony care

These books are perfect for young equestrian enthusiasts, who can learn how to ride and care for horses and ponies, or create their own scenes with the fantastic sticker and colouring books. See the full range here.