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Learn about world religions and customs – from the Festival of Lights to the Five Pillars of Islam – with Usborne religion books. 

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Encyclopedia of world religions

Encyclopedia of world religions

A thought-provoking book which offers a balanced exploration of the beliefs, history and customs of the major world religions, as well as many lesser-known faiths. Beautiful photographs and engaging illustrations, maps and diagrams complement the informative text. With internet links to recommended websites to explore the beliefs and practices of each religion in more detail.


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This beautiful guide includes information on religions around the world. Junior Education Plus review of Encyclopedia of World Religions

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Learn about different religions in the world with these accessible, beautifully illustrated books.

I knew nothing about Hanukkah, but this book has told me everything! I love the recipes and games. All those interested in festivals should read this book. Ishita's reader review of The Story of Hanukkah