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Maths books

Maths books from Usborne Publishing

Gently introduce children (and adults!) to essential maths concepts – including fractions, algebra, geometry, times tables, and more. There’s an Usborne maths book for every part of the maths curriculum – and they make maths fun, too. 

Scientist with magnifying glass

Usborne STEM books

Maths is one of the STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology & Maths) subjects, and Usborne do lots more fun and engaging books on these topics.

Maths activity books

These colourful activity books cover key maths topics with puzzles, tips and quizzes. Ideal for ages 5-7.

Lift-the-flap maths books

Fun introductions to key maths skills, including calculating, times tables and fractions and decimals, with clear explanations, puzzles and over a hundred flaps.

I love this book because it really helps people to learn their tables. It's also really fun and it's my favourite tables book x Orla's reader review of Lift-the-flap Times Tables

Maths puzzles and games

Full of colourful illustrations and brain-busting games, these maths puzzle books and activity pads are great fun for all the family – and perfect for long journeys or quiet times.