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Usborne music books

Children love making music – and Usborne keyboard and drumming books are a great way to start. Later on, they can learn about different instruments and composers or start playing an instrument of their own. Scroll down to see all Usborne music books.

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Keyboard and drumming books

These brilliant books let children play simple tunes on the keyboard or drums. The keyboard books have a touch-sensitive keyboard attached, while My First Drumming Book has buttons to play five different types of drums and cymbals.

Listen to the drumbeats for each tune in My First Drumming Book.

Parent's pick: My First Drumming Book

"What a brilliant idea for a music book from Usborne! My 4 year old son Marco loves his copy of My First Drumming Book, it is rarely put away, so often is it in use."

Read Carla's Parent's pick review

My First Drumming Book

On the blog

My First Drumming Book author Sam Taplin reveals how he turned a book into an interactive drum kit – and why it needed a last minute overhaul before production!

Learning music with Usborne

Usborne music books are great fun to play – and they're also a good way to introduce your child to music and playing an instrument. With the keyboard books, children will learn to recognise the notes and even make up their own tunes, while the drumming book will give them a sense of rhythm and beat.

Look out for Recorder for Beginners and My First Xylophone Book coming soon!

This is the perfect gift… fun, educational and portable. Lancashire Evening Post review of My First Keyboard Book

More music books

Listen and Learn Musical Instruments has 70 different musical instruments children can listen to by slotting in the card to its frame and pressing the picture, while these other lively sticker and picture books have QR codes to listen to famous pieces of classical music online as you read.

An immersive introduction to classical music. Little London on Famous Composers Sticker Book
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