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Growing up and mental health

Growing up and mental health books from Usborne

Whether you're a parent of a little one finding out about their body and emotions for the first time, a teacher of Relationship and Sex Education, or anyone else interested in the topics of growing up, mental health and life skills, these books are friendly and inspiring guides.

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Feelings and growing up books for younger children

Why don't I feel happy all the time? How can I cheer up my friend? These entertaining and approachable books answer questions like these and help young children recognise and manage their emotions and growing up.

Usborne Mental Health and Wellbeing Resource Pack

The Usborne Mental Health and Wellbeing Resource Pack for Teachers and Librarians (3+)

This resource pack focuses upon recognizing and understanding feelings and can be used with children from EYFS through to KS2. The lessons and activities are based on What Are Feelings?, All About Feelings and The Unworry Book.

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Understanding your child's emotions

How books can help children understand their feelings

Dr Sasha Lillie Lyons explains how characters in books can show a child that whatever they’re feeling, they’re not alone.

Why I wrote All About Families

Why I wrote All About Families

Felicity Brooks, author of All about Families, explains why it is important to showcase families in all their shapes and sizes.

Mental health books

We talk about our physical health – but not so much about how we’re feeling, or what we’re thinking and worrying about. That’s why we’ve published The Unworry Book and Looking After Your Mental Health, to help children learn more about their emotions and what can influence them.

The unworry book

The unworry book

This inspiring write-in book is an unworry toolkit, full of things to calm you down and places to put your worries - and we all worry! Activities include creating a worry box, making a mood grid and mindfulness activities such as colouring, doodling and mazes. Written with the help of a psychologist, there are links to websites for tips, advice and support too.


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Looking after your mental health

Looking after your mental health

We talk about our physical health - but not so much about how we’re feeling. With lots of practical advice, this lively, accessible guide explains why we have emotions, and what can influence them. Covering everything from friendships, social media and bullying to divorce, depression and eating disorders, this is an essential book for young people.


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Activity sheets from The Unworry Book

Brain Puzzles from The Unworry Book

Brain Puzzles

Have a go at all the puzzles on this page. Keep your brain focused on these, rather than on worries.

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Peaceful pencils from The Unworry Book

Peaceful puzzles

Colour in this pattern, only thinking about the things you can feel, hear and smell right now – a technique called mindfulness.

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Essential life skills books for older children

The world can be a confusing place for children about to enter their teenage years, as they become more independent and hit puberty. These books help take the mystery out of adult topics such as money and politics and equip young people with essential life skills.

This entertaining book does an admirable job of explaining politics... An excellent trigger for debate. The Sunday Times (Children's Book of the Week) on Politics for Beginners

Empathising through stories – mental health in Usborne fiction 

These brilliant books help give an insight into mental health issues – including titles by Holly Bourne, best known for her authentic characters and revolutionary attitude to mental health and feminism. 

Funny and sad, this book urges girls to know their own worth. The Guardian review of The Places I've Cried in Public
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