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Creative writing books

Creative writing books

Unlock your child's imagination with these creative writing books, packed with tips and ideas to inspire. Scroll down for a free creative writing activity booklet.

Creative writing activity books

These write-in activity books help children create their own stories and comics through inspiring tips and activities that will let their imaginations run wild.  

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Eight-year-old Frankie Terrington was inspired by Write and Draw Your Own Comics to create his own comic: Dr Diapers!

An exercise book with a difference... Get your little one's creative juices flowing The Independent review of Creative Writing Book
Creative writing activity booklet

Free creative writing activity booklet

Download this free booklet to try some sample activities from Write Your Own Story Book. There are story starters and ideas for characters, settings and actions and a story to write.

Dictionaries and thesauruses

Browse all Usborne dictionaries and thesauruses, to help your child find the right words for their stories.

Usborne journals

These beautifully designed journals are perfect for carrying around and jotting down ideas as you go. With specially selected website links for more inspiration.

Nature journal

Nature journal

Perfect for nature lovers of all ages, this inspirational journal has lovely illustrations, intriguing facts and beautifully designed pages with plenty of space for your own notes and drawings. With links to specially selected websites for tips on sketching outdoors and identifying plants, animals and insects.


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The Nature Journal really helps with learning about nature. I'm really looking forward to taking my journal to the countryside, where I can find out loads about nature! Freya (age 8) reader's review
Travel journal

Travel journal

Wherever you are and wherever you dream of going, this inspirational journal will be your trusty travel companion. The beautifully designed pages include lots of space to plan a dream trip, stick in mementos, write about things you’ve seen and sketch landmarks and wildlife. With 14 pages of beautiful maps, and website links for more inspiration.


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Usborne Quicklinks

Find lots more tips and inspiration at Usborne Quicklinks, where there are links to carefully chosen websites with writing tips from children's authors, video guides on how to plan a story and lots more.

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