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Children's cooking and gardening books from Usborne

Delicious and healthy recipes for beginner cooks, step-by-step guides to baking bread and cakes, and cooking kits that make lovely gifts.

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Grow your own food

These beautifully illustrated books explain how almost everything we eat comes from a simple seed, and how you can grow your own food inside and out.

The Usborne book of growing food

The Usborne book of growing food

A simple step-by-step introduction to growing food in containers both inside and out. Projects include carrots from seeds, climbing cucumbers, edible flowers, popcorn, squash shaped like flying saucers and much more. Includes pages with essential planting techniques and tips on when to water, how to deal with pests and even make your own compost.


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It all starts with a seed… how food grows

It all starts with a seed… how food grows

This stylish book explains how almost everything we eat grows from seeds – including flour, rice, carrots and even chocolate. Beautifully illustrated pages show root vegetables snug in the soil, plants with crunchy leaves and lots of different fruits. There is also information on how a seed sprouts, how bees help flowers and how plants grow.


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Cooking kits

Each cooking kit comes in an attractive presentation box containing a recipe book and the equipment you need to make cupcakes and biscuits or decorate beautiful cakes.

Watch our Baking Tips with Abi video clips for tips on decorating biscuits with glacé icing, feather icing, using a piping gun and lots more.

A wonderful gift for budding bakers. Cake Masters on Children's Cupcake Kit

Free downloadable recipes

Gingerbread flowers

Bake some pretty gingerbread flower biscuits from the Children's book of baking.

Gingerbread flowers recipe

Little lime cheesecakes

These little cheesecakes from the Sleepover Cookbook contain a zesty lime kick and make a great evening snack.

Lime cheesecakes recipe

Usborne Quicklinks

At Usborne Quicklinks there are links to websites where you can find out more about gardening, see recipe ideas for your grown vegetables, see how plants grow and more.

Visit Usborne Quicklinks.

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