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Discover the world’s greatest works of art in our beautifully illustrated art books or explore our painting and drawing books to find ideas for your own art.

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Usborne rub-down transfer books

Create gorgeous pictures by colouring the intricate illustrations and adding delightful rub-down transfers to each scene.

A visit to the Wychwood Wild Garden near Oxford was the main inspiration for the Wild Garden book. I loved not only the garden itself, with its hidden entrances, secret pools and majestic trees, but also the whole story of how this once formal 19th century manor house garden had gone wild and was partially restored 150 year later by volunteers. Author Felicity Brooks on The Wild Garden

Art activity books

Produced in association with The National Gallery in London, these beautiful art activity books are illustrated with fabulous reproductions of famous paintings.

The quality of the stickers is excellent and when this book has been carefully completed, it will make an excellent reference book. Parents in Touch review of Famous Artists Sticker Book

Shortlisted - Schools Library Association Information Book Award

Big book of colours

Big book of colours

Winner - Schools Library Association Information Book Award A fantastic journey through an amazing world of over 130 colours, including the primary and secondary colours and descriptive colour words, such as canary yellow, russet and mint green. Includes a colour wheel to turn to see which colours go well together and a see-through acetate page to flip to see what happens when you mix colours. A delightful book to share and talk about with a young child, and to use as inspiration for writing and painting as they grow older.


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This book will be the start of many conversations with young children. School Library Association Information Book Award 2016 Judge's comment

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Usborne art books are enhanced with links to carefully selected websites where you can zoom in on lots more famous artworks and find information about artists and online games and activities. 

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