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Library edition hardback

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From the elegance of stately homes, to the squalor of the slums, this book tells the story of life in Georgian Britain. Full of intriguing facts, illustrations, photographs, detailed reconstructions, paintings, maps and timelines. Includes links to websites to find out more information via the Usborne Quicklinks Website as well as lists of places to visit throughout Britain.

Book information

Key Stage
ISBN: 9781409570257
Extent: 64 pages
Dimensions: 230 x 165mm
Library edition hardback
ISBN: 9781409599708
Extent: 64 pages
Dimensions: 230 x 165mm
Ian McNee

Author information

Ruth Brocklehurst

When she wasn’t out riding her bike or making things out of loo rolls and scraps of fabric, Ruth Brocklehurst spent much of her childhood reading – especially historical novels and whodunits. Since joining Usborne in 2000, she has written and edited countless books on everything from craft activities and history, to creative writing, space exploration and dinosaurs. If she could go back in time she’d like to meet Mary Queen of Scots.


Visit Usborne Quicklinks for links to websites where you can meet the Hanoverian kings, look around Georgian stately homes, explore landmarks of the Industrial Revolution and investigate wars, rebellions and the British Empire during the Georgian era.

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