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Pipkin is a very small penguin who is always asking very big questions... but what he wants to know most of all is... How high is the sky? Pipkin and his friends fly in a hot-air balloon, journey in a space rocket and even walk on the moon as they try to figure out exactly how high the sky is. Will they ever know for sure? A sweet and beautifully illustrated story book which will give small children lots to talk about.

Book information

18 months+
Key Stage
ISBN: 9781409583202
Extent: 24 pages
Dimensions: 250 x 250mm
Anna Milbourne
Serena Riglietti

Press reviews

“The cover is wonderful and has beautiful illustrations - I love the padded feel. Quietly soothing for tired parents and charmingly stimulating for inquisitive toddlers.”
“This is a fantastic quality book for 3+. A very good story for kids that age as my son has often asked me 'how high is the sky'! They are expensive compared to bargain buys, but the quality makes up for it!”
“How high is the sky? is a lovely book it suited both my 5 year old and my 3 year old. They loved the illustrations. It is a great story and an overall excellent book that is good value for money. A LOVELY ENJOYABLE BOOK FOR YOUNGSTERS' LITTLE IMAGINATIONS.”
“The question 'How High is the Sky?,' will be familiar to anyone who spends a lot of time with young children. How is such a question best answered? This picture book makes a good attempt by telling the story of Pipkin the penguin's exhilarating fantasy journey 'up into the blue'. The plentiful, repetitive dialogue helps keep up the pace and the pictures have great appeal, not least because the faces of the animals show their feelings so well. The splendid 'very tall poster', takes young learners further into the world of facts with some quality information.”
“There is a truly magical feel to this enchanting little tale which is complemented by Riglietti’s wonderfully whimsical and emotive illustrations and is guaranteed to warm hearts and inspire plenty of discussion. The perfect tall story to make bedtime short and sweet…”
“How High is the Sky... is about a young penguin who, like many toddlers, is brimming with big questions... it struck me as much more than a story but a good introduction to the unexpected rewards of questioning, experimenting and discovery.”