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The fifth and final fantastical adventure in the 'Secret' series in which Cass, Max-Ernest and Yo-Yoji are accused of stealing a very-valuable-and-not-to-be-touched ancient Egyptian mummy from the local museum. They are determined to clear their names, but after getting accidentally trapped in a crate with a mummified cat, the three youngest members of the Terces society unwittingly find themselves on their way to the great pyramids of... Las Vegas. Amongst the dusty corridors of the Cairo Hotel and mysterious hieroglyphs of the Nile Nail Salon, Cass draws ever closer to uncovering the Secret...

Book information

Key Stage
Accelerated Reader level
5.4 MY
ISBN: 9781409583868
Extent: 384 pages
Dimensions: 198 x 130mm

Author information

Pseudonymous Bosch

Pseudonymous Bosch is a pseudonym, or as he would prefer to call it (because he is very pretentious), a nom de plume. Unfortunately, for reasons he cannot disclose, but which should be obvious to anyone foolhardy enough to read this book, he cannot tell you his real name. But he admits to a deep-seated fear of mayonnaise.

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Reader reviews

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The ending is what makes this book BEAUTIFUL.
I've loved all the series and this is the best one yet! (Better than David Walliams shh.
I'm sorry. I have written the title's name 'do not read', I guess by reading these books I have become a lot like the author (whoever that is). I just want to tell you that you just have to read this book as it is totally out of this world and unique. It is mind boggling if I say so myself and I can't reveal much about it myself. I am not much of a writer so maybe that's why the review isn't that good but I can just tell you that you just have to read this book right away now.

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