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Look inside mummies and pyramids

Series: Look inside


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Young children can peek under the flaps and discover the lives of the Ancient Egyptians, see inside pyramids and discover the gory details of how mummies were made. A lift-the-flap information book for young readers with over 70 flaps to reveal fascinating details and facts about Ancient Egypt. A brilliant book to introduce children to this fascinating historical period.

See Inside

Book information

Key Stage
ISBN: 9781409563921
Extent: 14 pages
Dimensions: 216 x 192mm
Rob Lloyd Jones
Stefano Tognetti


Winner - Gold Primary Teacher Update Award

Reader reviews

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My child loves this book! There is so much information packed into the book with several flaps to peek in on each page. The book is historically and archaeologically accurate and offers so much to learn! The pages are sturdy and hold up to a 1 year old pulling and tugging on it. By far it is worth your time and money!

Press reviews

“A lovely book full of facts and bright colours. The children were intrigued to find out what was behind the flaps and this kept their interest, as did the gruesome details – such as a jar containing lungs and intestines in the tombs. The cardboard pages also make the book sturdy which is great in a busy children’s environment. It is a great resource for teaching an understanding of this time period.”
“Look inside Mummies and Pyramids is a colourful, beautifully presented book. There are lift-up flaps on every page which reveal all kinds of secrets and wonders. For a young child this book is absolutely fascinating... yet another wonderful history book from Usborne!”
“Guaranteed to capture any child’s imagination, the little Egyptologist is taken on a tour of the pyramids, invited to examine a funeral procession, and there is a fantastic double page spread on the process of mummification... Look inside Mummies and Pyramids works on a number of levels for a range of ages.”
“Children will become engrossed in the detail of mummification and the construction of pyramids. The pages are full of fascinating snippets of detail and the amazingly detailed illustrations are amusing as well as informative.”
“With over 70 flaps to lift to reveal fascinating facts about Ancient Egypt, including a pag on archaeological discovery, this is an excellent introduction to the period.”