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See inside the Universe


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What’s the universe made of? Where did everything come from? Lift the flaps in this fascinating book to reveal some of the amazing discoveries that astronomers and physicists have made in their quest to unlock the mysteries of the Universe. Curious young minds will be fascinated to discover planets, stars and galaxies and explore intergalactic space, with over 70 flaps to lift. Includes explanations of some of the biggest questions in the universe, including ‘What happened during the Big Bang?’ and ‘What lies out in the far reaches of space?’. A mind-expanding book sure to fascinate young space enthusiasts.

Book Information

Key Stage
ISBN: 9781409563969
Extent: 16 pages
Dimensions: 276 x 216mm
Alex Frith
Lee Cosgrove

Silver Award - Geographical Association Awards 2009

This is a rich source of geographical information presented in an engaging format. Issues are presented in an easy-to-understand, but not over-simplified manner, providing a clear agenda for action on global problems in a format that will appeal to young children. It will be a valuable addition to any school's library. The lift-the-flap format encourages hands-on involvement and the high quality, robust presentation will make this a long-lasting and durable resource.

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“See Inside Planet Earth”
My five year old is very interested in facts and loves this book. Since having it we have gone on to buy several more of the series, all of which he finds really interesting and asks for over and over again. His other particular favourite is 'See under the Sea'.
““See inside the Universe” takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the universe, from stars and galaxies to the Big Bang and the Big Crunch, via astronomy and particle physics. It’s so dense – there are flaps hidden within flaps – that it’s one of those books kids and parents can dip into time and again.”
“Good introduction to the solar system, offering information in bite-sized chunks.”
“The ‘science’ of gravity, the Big Bang, atoms – all presented with over 70 flaps to lift, this will be a great recommendation for the boffins of the future.”

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