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Library edition hardback

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The essential survival guide for novice soldiers about how to stay alive in the Roman Army. Reveals all the gruesome truths of life in the Roman army, including what soldiers ate, what they wore and how they lived. Witty illustrations complement the informative text, creating a friendly and accessible introduction to Roman history to use at home and in school.

Book information

Key Stage
ISBN: 9781409567745
Extent: 128 pages
Dimensions: 198 x 130mm
Library edition hardback
ISBN: 9781474903349
Extent: 128 pages
Dimensions: 198 x 130mm
Lesley Sims
Ian McNee

Reader reviews

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I really enjoyed reading this book it gave me infomation but was also enjoyable. I used this book for my Humanites assessment it really helped! Thanks x :)

Press reviews

“A great introduction to the dynamics of the Roman Army. Military manuals are known to have been used by the Roman Army, and this book provides an educational but entertaining way of putting ancient history into modern hands. The tone of the handbook is informal, which is far more appealing to students than a dry textbook. The language used promotes interactivity, and addresses the reader directly. There are also mini quizzes throughout the book.”
“Get your child immersed in Roman history as they read this essential guide for everyone joining the Roman army. The quirky cartoon-style illustrations add a great deal of detail to this fascinating book which is an excellent accompaniment to KS2 history.”
“It’s good for kids because the diagrams and pictures are cartoony. I’d recommend it to my teacher and kids of 7 and up. I’d give it VIII out of X! ”