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Dino FC - The craziest team in the Jurassic world! Archie Opteryx, Dino FC's sizzling striker, has been playing a blinder all season. Now he's a contender for a top award. But suddenly Archie's luck runs out... Can he return to form - or is it all over for this rising dino star?

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Key Stage
Lexile Measure
Book Band
Accelerated Reader level
4.5 LY
ISBN: 9781409538219
Extent: 96 pages
Dimensions: 198 x 130mm
Keith Brumpton

Author information

Keith Brumpton

Author, illustrator, and creator of CBBC series M.I. High, Keith Brumpton knows what will appeal to children, and the Dinosaur FC series is guaranteed to do just that. As well as creating the acclaimed spy series 'M.I. High', now in its fifth season, he has written for many other top kids television shows including '64 Zoo Lane', 'Balamory', 'Pablo the Little Red Fox' and also a kids musical – Dinosaur Rock. Keith is married to an Australian and lives in Scotland. He is a big football fan and supports Torquay United: checking the football scores, he says, is the only thing that can distract him from writing!

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Reader reviews

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“Dino FC - Terror on the training ground”
I love this book because it gives a football match in the dinosaurs age.

Press reviews

“Aspiring young football fans will love this wild and witty new illustrated series, which matches the buzz and action of the premiership with cool dinosaur characters. Terry Triceratops is the manager of Dino FC but he’s a dead-dino walking. With the team bottom of the Premiership, chairman danny Deinonychus drafts in hard-hitting fitness trainer Hans Hadrosaur to whip the dinos back into shape. If they don’t avoid the drop, Terry faces the sack but a win against Jurassic Park Rangers just might save them from extinction.”
“Dino FC is the brainchild of ever inventive author and illustrator Keith Brumpton. Full of wacky adventures and some great one-liners, this new series of books is funny, frantic and overflowing with football. With brilliant cartoon-sytle drawings and stories that put fun first, the Dino FC series is shaping up to be a winning formula for youngsters who just can't get enough of dinosaurs and football.”
“"fun prehistoric footie series for younger readers"”
“Young footballers will love the the wild and witty new illustrated series, which matches the buzz and action of the premiership with cool dinosaur characters.”
“With a clever combination of two favourites topics, football and dinosaurs, this is one to engage reluctant boy readers. Short chunks of texts broken up by cartoon strips give this a light, easy read that may succeed in drawing in youngsters who find reading too much like hard work.”
“OK, so not every small boy loves football, dinosaurs and cartoons. But for those that do (as well as similarly inclined girls, of course), Keith Brumpton’s series of stories following the ups and downs of a Jurassic-era team of well-meaning underachievers is bound to press all the right buttons. Avoiding complexity of plot in favour of stock characters, slapstick humour and plenty of match action and punditry, this is Roy of the Rovers repackaged for the Premiership generation- and very nicely done, too. Brumpton combines pacey prose with graphic novel style panels of dialogue, keeping readers turning the pages at a satisfying rate (and not even realising they’re regularly tackling words and phrases like ‘Heterodontosaurus’, ‘Deinonychus’ and ‘personal development programmes’).”