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Box of cards

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A pack of 50 entertainingly illustrated quiz cards covering every aspect of the animal kingdom.
Contains over 500 questions with an eclectic mix of topics ranging from dancing bees to the colour of a giraffe’s tongue.
Featuring a variety of question types including multiple choice, true or false, odd one out and ‘What am I?’

Book information

Key Stage
Box of cards
ISBN: 9781409532392
Extent: 50 cards
Dimensions: 154 x 98mm
Simon Tudhope
Sarah Horne

Reader reviews

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These cards are great. I bought this pack for my grandaughters (aged 13 and 6) last christmas and they're still getting them out to do a quiz, even though we now remember most of the answers. I've just bought the other two packs and I know they'll be delighted. I hope Usborne will bring out more.

Press reviews

“Another Usborne mummy sanity saver for the car. These contain fantastic graphics and questions relating to all things animal.”
“Will educate, tease, enthuse and amaze any child who is interested in learning more about the animal kingdom.”
“Hours of fun for the family... everyone will learn some new, and possibly surprising, facts.”