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With their powers growing, and the threats against them also on the increase, Sarah and Robert and their gang of superhero friends are still on the run from HIDRA, an international military-scientific task force. Once again the siblings are called upon to save the world. Can they out-smart evil Russian billionaire Nikolai Makarov and prevent a deadly meteorite shower? The explosive follow-up to A.G. Taylor’s debut, Meteorite Strike.

Join Sarah and Robert Williams on their next adventure to fight robotic dogs, battle an evil Russian billionaire and brave the Arctic wasteland to save mankind.

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Book information

Key Stage
Lexile Measure
Accelerated Reader level
5.7 MY

Author information

Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor was born in New Zealand and grew up in East Anglia. He studied English Literature at Sheffield University and then teaching at Cambridge. He has spent the last ten years working as a teacher in England, South Korea, Poland and Australia, where he now lives with his partner and their two dogs. Andrew’s first book, Meteorite Strike, recently won the Heart of Hawick Children’s Book Award and was also shortlisted for the Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize.

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Reader reviews

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“Best Books Ever”
Epic books - all of them are worth reading!
“alien storm”
Andrew Taylor is a great Author, and I read all of his books (Superhumans). I love them all and strongly recommend that you read them! Thanks for giving me a wonderful book to read Andy!

Press reviews

“Rules that govern the everyday world are suspended in this fast-paced sci-fi adventure, the sequel to Meteorite Strike...The plot is highly inventive, creating a parallel universe in which supernatural techniques and gadgetry prevail. As in a video game, obstacles abound and must be tackled, while escape and chase sequences follow fast and furious, exploding in all directions. As is often the case with the sci-fi genre, the story has no quiet moments, nor character development; but it has much to entice young readers who relish the thrills and spills of an action-packed adventure.”
“This book is brilliantly stunning sci-fi from the beginning to end. It boasts brilliant characters, amazing plots with plenty of twists and exceptional settings, along with a fantastic cliff-hanger... A definite must-read.”
“Events in Meteorite Strike had brilliant twists - and the ones in Alien Storm are at just a high intensity, perhaps even more so. Honestly this books reads like an exciting anime series. There is a lot of drama, with several chapters having cliff hanger endings. I liked how new characters mixed in with the old ones... Alien Storm is an emotionally and physically turbulent book, capturing all the reader's emotions.”
“This novel was exciting and remained so throughout. It strong characters were of both genders which give it a wide appeal. The author had the ability to give some of the robots human qualities which was quite endearing... a great story line, plenty of action with the sci-fi input of the super powers.”
“An excellent sequel worthy of its place in the Superhuman series and it had big shoes to fill after the masterpiece that is Meteorite Strike. A very uncertain ending in the part with Major Bright that really hangs the whole thing up in the air again. The Verdict: Easy to read, well developed plot, excellent ending, very in depth. SCORE : 9.2”
“This book is a brilliantly stunning sci-fi from beginning to end... A definite must-read!”
“This top-class adventure story... thrusts us into an eerie and exciting dystopian world which is teetering on the edge of anarchy after a meteorite strike. Taylor’s brilliant sci-fi adventure has all the visual impact of a 3D film...a band of entertaining and quirky young heroes, truly scary baddies, sparkling dialogue and action sequences that keep the pages turning and the heart pounding. And the good news for us all is that Alien Storm is not the end of the story - a third instalment will hit the shelves later this year.”

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