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The complete book of first experiences

Series: First experiences

Reduced size hardback

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Standard size hardback

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An essential collection of nine titles from Usborne's First Experiences series, introducing young children to key situations that they might be experiencing for the first time. Includes visiting the doctor, going to school, welcoming a new baby and travelling on a plane.

Features Stephen Cartwright's gently humorous illustrations, packed with things for children to look at, learn from and talk about. Every double page also contains a little yellow duck for children to spot.

Book information

Key Stage
Reduced size hardback
ISBN: 9781409516477
Extent: 144 pages
Dimensions: 150 x 150mm
Standard size hardback
ISBN: 9781409510291
Extent: 144 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 210mm
Anne Civardi
Stephen Cartwright

Reader reviews

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“Came in handy”
My daughter had to have her tonsils out. I thought “I think she has a book that has a kid going to the hospital in it...” I dig through the bookshelf and sure enough. Made the process much easier because she knew some of what to expect.
“A must have for toddlers!”
My two year old daughter loves this book. It's full of brilliantly illustrated stories about different experiences - going to the dentist, the doctor and on a plane to name just a few. It's a great way of familiarising toddlers with the many new experiences that they will come across and it appeals to their curiosity about new situations. I can't recommend this one enough. You will read this one over and over again!