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On Thin Ice

On thin ice

The doctor arrived later that afternoon. Doktor Bernoulli, a small serious man with wire-rimmed glasses and a neat, silvery beard, ummed and aahed over Frankie’s knee, which by now was bruised, swollen and very painful. He soon made his diagnosis.

The good news was that the injury wasn’t serious – she would skate again. The bad news was that she would be out of action for at least three weeks.

Three whole weeks!

“B-b-but that can’t be right!” wailed Frankie, as Doktor Bernoulli packed up his bag and prepared to go, handing the nurse a prescription for painkillers. “Are you sure? Can you have another look? You see, I need to practise for the European Juniors. Would it help if I put lots of ice on it? Exercises? I’ll do whatever it takes to get back onto the rink.”

Doktor Bernoulli nodded. “For the first forty-eight hours, I suggest that you remain in sickbay so that you can have complete rest. I prescribe plenty of ice and a Tubigrip bandage will help. Use crutches to begin with and then you can begin gentle exercises. Your physiotherapist will explain everything. She’ll decide when you’re fit enough to go back on the ice.” The kindly doctor gave an encouraging smile. “You’ve been lucky,” he said softly. “Sometimes, in this kind of accident, people injure their cartilage and cruciate ligament at the same time, which is really bad news. You’ve been fortunate not to do that. And if you’re well enough, you can go back on the ice in three weeks. But not before. You don’t want to risk injuring your knee permanently, do you?”

Frankie shook her head. This had to be the worst thing ever. Injuring her knee was bad enough, but there was no way she’d be recovered in time for the European Juniors in February and the thought of missing out on the biggest ice-skating championship of her entire fourteen years was devastating.

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Frankie’s thrilled when she’s chosen to skate with Paul in a high-profile competition. He’s a good friend and brilliant on the ice. But Paul wants to skate alone. He wants to keep the spotlight – and the chance to win gold – to himself. It’s a real problem when they’re meant to be competing in Perfect Pairs. Together! Capturing the glamour, heartache and triumphs of Junior Olympic figure-skating, this stunning series whisks readers off to, quite literally, the coolest boarding school on earth.

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Book information

Key Stage
Lexile Measure
ISBN: 9780746099261
Extent: 240 pages
Dimensions: 198 x 130mm

Author information

Kay Woodward

Editor-turned-author Kay Woodward has written many successful books for children including her novel Jane Airhead, the Flower Fairies series and Magical World series. She's also written film and TV tie-ins including The Golden Compass, Happy Feet, Robin Hood and Shoebox Zoo, plus non-fiction titles and joke books. Kay lives in Hampshire with her husband and her little girl, and writes from her office overlooking a massive eucalyptus tree.

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Press reviews

“A tumble on the ski slopes is not what the doctor ordered for aspiring skate star Frankie Wills… Yes, things are not going according to plan for the star of Kay Woodward’s exhilarating Skate School series as she returns for her second term at the ‘Ice Palace’. Thrills and spills at the world’s ‘coolest’ boarding school are providing some of the ‘hottest’ gossip in town for thousands of enchanted young readers. Frankie is on a roller coaster ride to figure skating stardom but a reckless accident brings her back to earth with a bump! 8/10”
“This book was just as good as the first in the Skate School series and I give it 5/5. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait for the third book to come out!”

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