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Take a journey back in time to the year 1240 to meet Baron Godfrey and his family, knights and servants. Watch a cathedral being built, see how a squire becomes a knight and read the adventures of soldiers returning from a Crusade. Lively text and cartoon-style artwork bring the characters to life and show what it was really like to live in medieval times. Packed with fascinating information and detailed, cartoon-style illustrations. Ideal for children studying history for the first time. Brand new editions of the informative and fun Usborne Time Traveller series.

Book information

Key Stage
ISBN: 9780746030752
Extent: 32 pages
Dimensions: 276 x 216mm
Judy Hindley
Toni Goffe

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“Knights, castles, and my childhood”
This book had an amazing influence on my childhood, sparking my imagination and fueling ideas for how simple machines work and how they can be made. In the decades since reading it I have studied middle-age sword fighting, blacksmithing, and period carpentry and construction. This book is sure to inspire the young (and old!) learner in your home.
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