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The Usborne cookbook for children

Concealed spiral binding

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A bumper cookbook with 70 recipes taken from "The Usborne Children’s Cookbook" and "The Children’s Book of Baking". Contains both sweet and savoury recipes, including chicken stir-fry, salmon fishcakes, pizzas, ice-cream, mint choc chip muffins and a classic chocolate cake. Each recipe is explained with simple step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations.

Book Information

Key Stage
KS2/3 E/DT
Concealed spiral binding
ISBN: 9780746088043
Extent: 160 pages
Dimensions: 305 x 238mm
Rebecca Gilpin and Fiona Patchett

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I love Usborne. Their books amaze me. The pictures. How do they do them? Got it 4 months ago. Made fairy cakes. Great!
“The Usborne Cookbook for Children”
I got this cookbook for Christmas. since then I have made lots of savoury and sweet dishes which have tasted great. you never get bored of this book it amazing, very simple and easy steps to follow and tips to help you along the way.
When I first got the cookbook I was really excited to get started. My first recipe didn't turn out that well but after I chose a lovely recipe and it was very delicious the book is very easy to understand and it is in simple steps! I love it!!
“Great for older "kids" too”
I'm not at all embarrassed to say that I am a 31 year old woman who up until about 6 months ago wouldn't have even been able to melt chocolate for Rice Krispie buns. Now I can't wait to get out the cookbook and make a few fairy cakes or apple crumble. Oven roasted veg are GORGEOUS!!! Easy to follow and can I say for those like me who are slow to try something new in the kitchen this was a godsend. Thank you so much.
“Best cookbook ever!!”
I loved this book I only borrowed it from the school library and after I made the Lemon Layer Cake (By the way it was absolutely delicious) I just had to buy it!! Thank you Usborne for making this book I love it :D
I am 12 years old and I wasn't sure if this book was going to be really simple but when I read it, it was the best I've ever seen. It was clear and makes lots of really nice meals. My family have enjoyed letting me make tea for them.
“The Usborne Cookbook for Children”
This book is amazing if you like to cook. The brownies are lovely and everything is easy and tastes nice.
“Cookbook for Children”
Being a 12 year old girl myself I feel that a review from me might show how interesting many young people will find this book. I already owned a baking book from the Usborne Company and when I saw this book it was at the top of my Christmas list! It has some really interesting recipes and what is nice is that they have really thought about some of the meals that children like. They also have shown a picture with every recipe and both I and my Mother agree that it adds a nice effect. I personally feel that this is the best children’s cookbook I have ever seen! I am happy to own a copy of this book.
“cookbook for children”
I bought this book as it looked very appealing. My daughter made the spaghetti bolognese last night and it was delicious! Most definitely looking forward to making many more meals if they all taste as good as the spag bol did! Will be recommending this book to friends and family!
“How cool is this?!”
My friend had this and we had some absolutely gorgeous chocolate brownies from it. One thing though: an awful lot of the recipes had lots of sugar in them. But all the better for children! Overall, 9 out of 10. This is a fabulous, great value cookbook and so I recommend it to anyone looking for a child-friendly cookbook. :)
This book is great 4 helping new beginners and little kids that are learning.The recipes are very attractive and yum as well as fun to make.
“A great way to get started is to follow the delicious recipes in The Usborne Cookbook for Children, which features an array of scrumptious family meals, snacks and treats, and which is packed full of brilliant ideas for budding young chefs. Simple step by step instructions show youngsters all of the basic cooking skills they need, from simple things such as boiling an egg, to more creative recipes such as a lasagne, soup or casserole, baking bread and decorating cakes.”
“A super spiral-bound edition of two excellent recipe books for budding cooks.”
“Each recipe is explained with simple step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations. It is a fantastic gift for cooks both young and old!”
“From one of the best-known children’s publishers, a bumper cookbook by Rebecca Gilpin and Fiona Patchett with 70 recipes spanning sweet and savoury dishes. The book is full of easy to follow instructions and illustrations.”