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Spiral-bound hardback

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The perfect cookbook for beginner chefs both young and old. Recipes include pizza and pasta dishes, vegetarian dishes and delicious cakes and cookies, giving novice cooks something to create for every occasion. Each recipe is demonstrated with easy, step-by-step instructions and the concealed spiral binding makes the book practical and easy to use in the kitchen. NB this book includes Cakes and Cookies for Beginners, which is also published separately.

Book information

Key Stage
KS2/3 DT
Spiral-bound hardback
ISBN: 9780746085387
Extent: 196 pages
Dimensions: 240 x 170mm
Fiona Watt
Adam Larkum

Reader reviews

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I got 3 of these Usborne book for my G Granddaughters for xmas they love them and my grandson learned to cook with them great books very easy well illustrated
“Buy It”
If you ever need a gift for a child, this is it. My wife got this book second hand, not even the spiral bound copy. This has to be the greatest beginners book ever published, for students, pensioners and the undecided. Every home NEEDS a copy.
“the usborne beginner's cookbook”
I'm an English teacher in Barcelona and I bought the book in England. I can't wait to use it in class as I tried with my family and it was a great purchase. I've already got lots of people who want me to buy it the next time I visit England.
“Chocolate chip cookies”
I wanted something to make that was quick, easy and mainly yummy! I decided on the chocolate chip cookies because that's something that everyone liked and they were a massive hit.
I made carbonara out of it and it was lush!!!
“An 'awesome' cookbook.....” described by my 11yr old son who has just cooked cheesy beef burgers for me, his brothers and his grandparents served as illustrated on bed of salad and chips. The book is from his school library and I'm now buying it for him as there are so many fabulous recipes he wants to try.
“Recipes that last”
I got this book as part of a prize when I was 11 years old and I still use it ten years later! The recipes are so easy to follow and it's the only book I keep going back to, as I know the recipes work and the food tastes great.
“The best cookbook for people wanting to become a cook.”
This book is a great cooking guide to help young people to understand the basics of cooking simple healthy meals. My sister and I use this book at weekends to bake cookies and prepare meals for our mum and dad. The recipes have all worked out for me and are all very tasty.
“I use this more than the kids!”
I bought this book for the kids last Christmas and I find that I use it more than them. It's a great book with easy to follow instructions and all the recipes are made with your usual store cupboard ingredients, so no popping down the shops in an emergency.
“Beginner's Cookbook”
I have this book because at our school yesterday we had an Usborne book fair and it has got lots of lovely recipes in it.
“Beginner's Cookbook”
I borrowed this book from my school library (I am only 10 years old )and I can't wait to make some recipes. I haven't made any yet but by the time I have done some I am sure I will look around everywhere to buy this book.
“Every home/school should have this book”
My aunt gave this book to my 10 year old daughter for Christmas and I keep borrowing it to use with my Year 3 class in is so clearly written, with recipes that children really can make, in a relatively short time and feel justifiably pleased with their efforts! we have tried numerous recipes and every single one has been great! I love it and so does my daughter!

Press reviews

“I would definitely recommend this book to children who love to cook and those who want to take those first steps into the kitchen.”