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Catwalk Crazy

Series: Totally Lucy: Book 8
By Kelly McKain

Catwalk Crazy

Catwalk crazy

Saturday the 24th of September

Hi girls! It’s Lucy Jessica Hartley here with another totally fab and utterly shushingly secret journal. Not much has been happening since we went back to school, but luckily I have just had the most amazing Creative Inspiration and my life is about to become massively Interesting with a capital “I” and “Exciting” with a capital E.

But before I reveal my Creative Inspiration, I will quickly catch you up on what’s been going on in my life for the past few weeks. Sadly my fab tan from the summer (which I mainly got when me, Jules and Tilda went on holiday together!) has almost gone and I am nearly back to looking pastily English instead of from somewhere like LA where everyone is constantly brown. It’s still a bit hot sometimes at school and if the sun does come out at break we all sit in a row on some of the benches with our legs sticking out, to try and get some more tan before it’s too late.

Er, what else has been happening since I wrote my last journal? Well, virtually nada, as Jules would say ’cos of her Spanishness. I have worn in my new uniform stuff so it doesn’t look as geeky and Back To School any more. And of course, I am still 13 which I became over the summer and which is teen-tastic!

And that is literally IT apart from the usual of eating, sleeping, watching Friends on E4 and arguing with Alex (I’m sure you know who he is by now – i.e. my little bro, who is 90% annoying but actually 10% okayish). Lately we have been mostly arguing about whose turn it is to sit in the front seat on the way to school and whether we are getting a cat or a dog. (I am saying cat and he is saying dog – and Mum is saying, “You’re not having a pet, there’s enough hard work and mess round here as it is!”)

Please don’t think from reading that bit that my mum is this mega-grumpy pet-stingy-pants, ’cos she is actually really nice. She just has loads to do because of having to bring me and Alex up as a single parent since Dad CRUELLY ABANDONED us, erm, about 8 months, 9 months…oh wow, I have just worked out it was a whole year ago. I never thought I’d feel better about it, especially when Mum and Dad were doing their thing of arguing all the time, but I don’t mind so much now, ’cos they are getting on better and me and Alex get to see Dad a lot anyway ’cos he lives in town (with his brother, our Uncle Ken, in this manky flat that smells of curry and feet – yurgh!).

Actually I feel a bit strange writing how Dad CRUELLY ABANDONED us in capital letters now. I used to write it all the time, but now it seems a bit like I am being mean to him when he had to leave because of being really unhappy. Oh course, he is still a big idiot for not working it out with Mum or trying to make any effort whatsoever, but somehow it doesn’t feel as bad now. In fact I might go back and cross out what I just wrote in capitals, but actually then I would have a big smudge in my lovely new journal, so maybe not.

Oh, yes, I have suddenly remembered the reason why I was starting a new journal in the first place! Oh, dear, I am so bad at going off the point (or maybe I am good at it!).

Well, guess what?!

I am actually putting on a fashion show at school in aid of charity!

I know you are thinking, Lucy Jessica Hartley, surely that is impossible, but…

Yes! Really! It is 100% true!

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Lucy Jessica Hartley here with some massively fabulous news!

My life is about to become Interesting with a capital "I" and Exciting with a capital "E". That's because I'm putting on a charity fashion show! It's going to be ultra glamtastic, plus it will help me achieve my life's ambition of being a real, actual fashion designer. Oh, and even fabber, my secret crush is one of the male models! Shhh! Strike a pose with just-turned-teenager Lucy Jessica Hartley as make-up mishaps, stroppy saboteurs and killer crushes send her catwalk crazy.

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Key Stage
Lexile Measure
Accelerated Reader level
5.9 MY
ISBN: 9780746080184
Extent: 176 pages
Dimensions: 198 x 130mm
Vici Leyhane

Author information

Kelly McKain

Kelly McKain worked as a copywriter in an advertising agency and as a primary school teacher before becoming a full time writer. She is now the author of over thirty books for children and teens, including several bestsellers.

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“Catwalk Crazy”
I absolutely adore this book - you should read it, it's fab. Lucy is such an interesting girl - she makes me laugh out loud! PS: Pleeease can you write another 'Totally Lucy' book? I can't wait!
“I love it”
I have read all seven totally Lucy books and I'm begging Kelly to write another pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssse!!!! Lucy is such a cool down to earth gal and is a great role model for young designers. Oh just young gals in general. Oh and BTW thanx for endless hours of laughs.
“makeover magic”
I love all the totally Lucy books, they're savage!!!!!!! My favourite is Makeover Magic I felt a bit sorry for Jules because she was used to having one BFF but now she has two!!!! Love the books wanna see more!
“My thoughts about The Lucy Jessica Hartley volume”
Hi my name is Tanya and I`m an avid reader of the Totally Lucy books. The first time I ever read these books was last year, and I have been reading them since. From my point of view these books are awesome! I`ve probably read them seven times. And I hope there`s more books to come. My fave book is the first one, Makeover Magic, I don`t know why but I guess its because it's where it all began. Lucy, Jules, and Matilda-Jane (Tilda)are such good characters.
“best book by kelly mckain”
I loved this book and I want to read it again and again.I did like the other seven books but I like this one the best and I can't wait for a new Totally Lucy book to come out.

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“"a cool, quirky read"”

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