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Box of cards

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A box of 50 cards each showing a fun activity, game or pursuit to keep children entertained on holiday. Contains activities which all the family can enjoy together, including outdoor games such as "Piggy in the middle" and "Stuck in the mud", card games such as Cheat and word games such as Hangman. Each card shows a colourful picture of the activity, with clear step-by-step instructions on the reverse. The cards are robust and durable, ensuring repeated use.

Book information

Key Stage
KS1/2 E/PE
Box of cards
ISBN: 9780746080337
Extent: 50 cards
Dimensions: 154 x 98mm
Catriona Clarke
Molly Sage and Sam Meredith

Reader reviews

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“50 things to do on holiday”
These cards were fantastic. Our granddaughter's 8th birthday was while we were on holiday in France and we took these cards as a present. She said this was her best present as she had so much fun with them and we joined in and enjoyed them as much as she did.

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