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Picture Perfect

Series: Totally Lucy: Book 5
By Kelly McKain

Picture Perfect

Picture perfect

Chapter One

Saturday the 7th of May, sitting on my bed getting ready to do some thinking.

Hi girls!

I’m starting this new journal ’cos I’ve got lots of thinking to do, and when lots of thoughts start buzzing round in my head I have to write them down so I can actually see what I’m thinking, if you get what I mean. And then I can think about it.

All my thinking is to do with Tilda, who is my fab BFF (BFF means Best Friend Forever, BTW). (BTW means By The Way, BTW.)

Firstly Tilda wants us three (that’s me and her and my other BFF Julietta Garcia Perez Benedicionatorio, most usually known as Jules) to go to this meeting on Monday for the new school mag. We got handed these flyers about it in English last week.

Got something to say?

Come along to the English room at 12.30 on Monday 9th May to find out how YOU can get involved in our Wicked New School Mag!


Tilda is really brainy so she’s into doing lunchtime activities, like, for example, she already has piano twice a week. For my lunchtime activity I like to go in the loos and try out different make-up and hairstyles with Jules. Mrs. Stepton our science teacher calls this Vacuous Activity and always shoos us outside for our Fresh Air and Exercise, and I have to explain to her that as my life’s ambition is to be a Real Actual Fashion Designer, trying out hairstyles and make-up is way more important than hanging around in the playground trying not to get hit by tennis balls, which the boys use as footballs, ’cos they’re not allowed actual footballs, ’cos they’re dangerous, but in fact tennis balls are more dangerous due to being pingy and unpredictable when you kick them. Oh, dear, there were no full stops whatsoever in that whole bit. I hope you are reading this in your head, or you would have passed out from not breathing!

Anyway, we are all three going to the meeting because we are BFF, so we have to do important things together.

Tilda reckons we should spend the weekend thinking of what we could do on the mag using our Unique Talents. I want to do something about fashion, of course, but what? So I have got thinking to do for that, plus the thinking I have already got to do about Tilda’s birthday, which is on the 14th of May, i.e. next Saturday, one week from now.

It is soooooo unfair that Tilda’s going to be 13 when I’m not going to be it for 103 days, or that she has already got her Q when I’m still waiting for mine. (Q means period, BTW. We made up a secret code word so we can talk about it even when boys are there, and P sounded too obvious. Ingenious, huh?)

Jules has already been 13 for 93 days, but luckily she hasn’t got her Q yet, so at least those two are not in a club of matureness without me. Oh, it would be soooooo amazing if my Q could just arrive right now, especially ’cos last week me and Jules were acting out telling our mums we’d got it, so now we’re, like, totally prepared.

But to be honest it doesn’t seem very likely to arrive soon because I am a late developer (as Mum and the assistants in Marks and Spencer’s bra department call it – CRINGE!!!). That means

I probably won’t even get mine till I’m about 23 or something, and I’ll be the oldest girl in the world who doesn’t have it and my name will be in all the Record Breaker annuals that people get for Christmas and everyone will know I’m the latest starter ever, which will be just soooooo embarrassing!

Still, I suppose it isn’t Tilda’s fault she was born before me (and has started before me), so I am going to be very mature and forget being lime-green with envy and instead get on with planning a fab birthday happening for her.

Here are my ideas so far:

What To Do For Tilda’s Birthday

1) Go shopping
2) Go out for pizza
3) See something at the cinema
4) Get loads of cool stuff from The Body Shop and then have a pampering sesh and makeovers
5) Have a sleepover

Hmmm, they all sound really fun, but I can’t choose. The thing is that they don’t seem BIG enough for something as important as your 13th birthday. After all, 13 is the magic doorway between being a Very-Nearly-Teenager and being an Actual Teenager. Teenager-ness is the most exciting time ever in your whole life, which is why adults keep wanting to be teenage again, which is why they say stuff like “wicked” and “word” and why my dad still wears leather trousers. I keep trying to tell him that they are in no way cool with the waistband of his ginormous pants sticking out the top, but he won’t listen!

Oh, wow, I have just been struck with a CREATIVE INSPIRATION!

I could throw Tilda a Surprise Birthday Party!

We can have cool drinks and food and music and games and dancing and everything! Maybe Mum’ll even make Tilda a birthday cake if I ask really nicely and do flattery, like saying, “Wow, those trousers look great! You’ve really lost weight with all the stress of becoming a single parent!”

How totally fab will that be?!

Answer: Totally, totally fab!

I have also got some ideas of what present to get Tilda, which I wrote on a napkin in the Cool Cats café when I was waiting for Mum to come back from the ladies’ loo, which is called Dolls in Cool Cats because it’s all 50s style.

Ideas of What To Get Tilda

1. Juicy Jelly lipgloss (that’ll stop her borrowing mine!)
2. Purple glitter nail stars (then I can borrow hers!)
3. Pink jewelled mobile cover (she hasn’t got a mobile, but she’ll probably get one soon, because, like, everyone has.)
4. Bacon crisps (’cos her dad is very stricty and she’s not allowed them at home.)
5. Pink bangles from New Look (just because!)

Oh, just a sec…

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Join loveable Lucy as she is put in charge of the fashion pages in her new school magazine; but with photo shoots to organize, models to find and new outfits to create, has Lucy taken on more than she can handle? Totally Lucy is perfect for girls everywhere, who will identify with Lucy’s bra-size embarrassment, parent troubles, best-friend dilemmas and secret crushes. Kelly McKain is a vibrant voice in children’s fiction, and is totally in touch with the world of girls on the cusp of adolescence.

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Book information

Key Stage
Lexile Measure
Accelerated Reader level
6.1 MY
ISBN: 9780746070628
Extent: 176 pages
Dimensions: 198 x 130mm

Author information

Kelly McKain

Kelly McKain worked as a copywriter in an advertising agency and as a primary school teacher before becoming a full time writer. She is now the author of over thirty books for children and teens, including several bestsellers.

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“Totally Lucy Rocksss!”
I love this series sooo much! I like this book in particular because like Lucy I do the photos for my school magazine. My best friends name is Julietta! And I threw my other friend a surprise party and she thought I had forgotten her birthday!
I think this book is fantastic and I read it in about 1 hour I'm really glad there are some new books out in the series because I can't wait till I read them! I would rate this book 10/10. It has some funny moments and I love the way it's set out in a diary!! IF I WERE YOU AND YOU LOVE TEENAGER STUFF BUY THIS BOOK YOU WILL LOVE IT!!
“Great Book!”
I love how its set out as a diary, not a story. Its great looking into the life of someone the same age as me! mazing book. Love all the slang coz its so modern and up to date! And the fashion obsessed teen diary is really interesting! Well done! Another winner! 8/10
“totally lucy - picture perfect”
I loved it, read it every night. It's just soooo good! Can't wait to read another one.
“makeover magic”
it's great magic cool fantastic
“picture perfect”
Picture perfect was one of my favorite books!I thought it was really funny and I couldn't stop reading it!
“picture perfect”
This is a really good book to read and I would read it over and over again. I finished it in 3 days. It was v good. I give it 10 out of 10.
“Picture perfect”
I found picture perfect a really good book to read as it was very funny and very realistic! The book had loads of great twists and over all I found it was a book I just could not put down!

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“"Girls will go totally wild for Totally Lucy."”

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