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A colourful and comprehensive introduction to every musical style from classical to rock, pop and world music. Packed with listening suggestions, the book explains how instruments work and how music is composed, performed and recorded and how to read music. Includes internet links to websites where you can listen to different kinds of music and find out more about famous musicians and composers.

Book information

Key Stage
KS2/3 MU
ISBN: 9780746067970
Extent: 96 pages
Dimensions: 276 x 216mm
Eileen O'Brien

Reader reviews

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I teach music in an Austrian bilingual school and I use this book for 5th graders. It gives them short overviews that still mention the most crucial issues of an era, a style, and artists. I have a small version of the book so copying a double page for class is easy. Like it!


Find links to websites and video clips where you can listen to the works of famous composers, examples of pop, rock, world music other music styles and much more at the Usborne Quicklinks website.

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