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Over 500 everyday words are contained in this charming and engaging dictionary for young children, which helps develop reading, writing and spelling skills. The clear, easy-to-read type is vividly illustrated with Jo Litchfield's delightful handmade models and original characters. Each word is placed within a context so that children can grasp meanings quickly and easily. This book also introduces questions and words that children need to talk about themselves or other people.

Book information

Key Stage
ISBN: 9780746062944
Extent: 64 pages
Dimensions: 260 x 250mm
Jo Litchfield

Author information

Felicity Brooks

Felicity Brooks is an Editorial Director and writer at Usborne Publishing. She studied English and Drama at Exeter University and worked as an actor, teacher and lexicographer before starting work in children’s publishing in the late 1980s. She has written and edited hundreds of children’s titles, including stories and novelty books for pre-schoolers and books about history, geography, languages, science, maths, nature and the arts. Her books have won the TES Senior Information Book Award, the Aventis Science Books Prize, the SLA Information Book Award, the Sheffield Baby Books Award and Practical Pre-school Gold and Silver Awards.

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Reader reviews

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“Fantastic Dictionary for Beginners”
I had two copies of this picture dictionary that I used daily in my class this year when I did guided writing with my junior and senior kindergarten students (ages 4 and 5). I often modelled for them how to use it to find words and now at the end of the year many of my students use these books independently. These books are so well worn that they are falling apart and I am hoping to purchase more copies for next year.
“Very First Dictionary”
This is an excellent book. It helped my daughter(23 months old) to learn a lot of new words and numbers, and helped in associating letters of the alphabet to different words.
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