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Reach for the stars

Series: Fame School: Book 1
By Cindy Jefferies


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When Chloe gets an audition at Rockley Park Fame School, she might just realise her dream – but will she be so nervous and starstruck that her talent can’t shine through? Talent, stardom, hard work and heartache ... welcome to Fame School! Getting a place at Rockley Park school for talented young performers involves struggle and sacrifice, and that's just the beginning! Life at Rockley Park is packed full of new friends, potential enemies, crises and triumphs.

Book information

Key Stage
KS2/3 E
Accelerated Reader level
4.4 MY
ISBN: 9780746061176
Extent: 128 pages
Dimensions: 198 x 130mm

Author information

Cindy Jefferies

Cindy Jefferies is a fresh and funny voice in children’s writing. She comes from a musical background, went to school with Cozy Powell, and was inspired to write Fame School by her involvement with her youngest son’s rock band, Stitch. Cindy's varied career has included being a Venetian-mask maker and a video DJ. She decided to write Fame School after experiencing the ups and downs of her children, who have all been involved in the music business. Her insight into the lives of wannabe pop stars and her own musical background means that Cindy knows how exciting and demanding the quest for fame and fortune can be. Cindy lives on a farm in Gloucestershire, where the animal noises, roaring tractors and rehearsals of her son’s indie-rock band, all help her write!

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Reader reviews

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“Fame School; Reach For The Stars”
This is a great book, I loved it! I read it all in one day because it hooked me in and I couldn't stop reading. It shows determination, compassion, courage, integrity and passion, passion to be who she really wanted to be. Yes she'd like to be famous and rich but what she wanted was to sing and make thousands of people smile and to hold on to her old friends. This book definitely made me smile.
“fame school reach for the stars”
Chloe totally loves singing and spends hours practising in her bedroom, miming into her hairbrush in front of thousands of imaginary fans. So when she gets the chance to audition for Rockley Park - the school for wannabe pop star - chloe's determined to make the grade. But first she has to persuade her parents that her ambition is for real. She knows it's going to be tough, but life isn't all glitz and glamour.
“Fame School”
I really enjoyed reading the first Fame School book. Most people would like these books but I would especially recommend them for wannabe musicians or popsters. I have liked the first book so much that I am going to read all the others.

Press reviews

“Who remembers Fame on television? Even those who are too young will be pleased to welcome Cindy Jefferies' new Fame School series, which will follow Chloe and her friends from their acceptance at Rockley Park School to eventual fame (maybe). The glittery jackets will attract girls who are drawn to follow in Chloe's footsteps. The series has its practical side. Jefferies' children are involved in the music business and she has learned from their experiences. The message is positive and helpful; the story is fast-moving, involving and sure enough to leave readers eager for more.”
“"7+ wannabe pop stars will love this series."”


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