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Hardback with ribbon marker

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A spooky story for children growing in reading confidence and ability. Kit and Ned’s new home looks perfectly normal from the outside, but inside swirling mists reveal glimpses of its shadowy past. Can the children uncover the house’s chilling secret in time? Spookily illustrated by Adrienne Kern. Usborne Young Reading has been developed with reading experts from Roehampton University.

Book information

Key Stage
Lexile Measure
CEFR Level
Hardback with ribbon marker
ISBN: 9780746080269
Extent: 64 pages
Dimensions: 196 x 130mm
Karen Dolby
Adrienne Kern

Reader reviews

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The book was very mysterious and exciting. I really liked the cover of the book. It was very spooky! How can Mr.Hubble be so cruel and wicked and heartless? It was really fantastic.
“Great Book”
I liked this book because it was exciting. I liked the part when they where ghosts because it was cool. Jen Aged 6
“Spooky House of Shadows”
I liked this book because it was exciting and spooky. My favourite part of the book was when they found the box in the attic. I didn't like Mr. Hubble because he was a cruel and wicked man.
“The House of Shadows”
I really liked The House of Shadows by Karen Dolby because it was a very mysterious story. Mr Hubble was a horrible evil man. I really liked the drawings of the old chest and newspaper cuttings in the book.
“It is a really good spooky story!”
The House of Shadows is a great book. You can read about spooky mist and horrible characters. It is a brilliant Halloween time story. You should read it!

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