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See Inside Atoms and Molecules

Series: See inside
By Rosie Dickins


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Marvel at the mind-boggling world of atoms and molecules – the building blocks of EVERYTHING everywhere (including you). Lift over 90 flaps to learn about atoms, molecules, compounds and electrons, and chemical reactions and explore the Periodic Table. With links to specially selected websites for activities and videos.

Book information

Key Stage
ISBN: 9781474943642
Extent: 16 pages
Dimensions: 276 x 216mm
Shaw Nielsen

Author information

Rosie Dickins

Rosie Dickins grew up in England and Hong Kong. An avid reader, she always loved making up her own stories. After studying literature at Oxford University, art in Paris and plenty of travelling, she settled in London, where she now works for Usborne Publishing. She has written over a hundred children's books, including award-winning non-fiction.


Visit Usborne Quicklinks for links to websites where you can watch fizzy chemical reactions, discover just how small atoms are, and listen to a song about the elements of the periodic table.

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