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It’s bedtime for little bear… but the starry sky looks so exciting! Little children will love the twinkly lights that light up as you turn the pages and follow the story in this book. A beautiful gift and a delightful book to share during the festive season.

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Book information

6 months+
ISBN: 9781474967563
Extent: 10 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 210mm
Sam Taplin
Jennifer A. Bell

Reader reviews

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“Blinding lights bedtime book”
So disappointed with this book! I had put it away for my granddaughter but decided to look at it because it sounded so sweet that little twinkling stars light up as you go throughout the book. Instead I was In shock with how bright the LED lights were!!!! I couldn’t believe it! It was blinding me!!! I would never place these bright lights in front of a delicate child’s eyes!!! I’m thankful I looked at it ahead of time. It’s getting shipped right back. Sweet book idea. Bad final product.