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On a clear night, thousands of stars can be seen in the sky - but they are just a tiny part of what’s out in space. This book shows young readers how to discover some of the amazing things that are out there, many of which can be seen with just a pair of binoculars or a small telescope. Practical guide to all the things that can be seen in the night sky Advice on using and buying binoculars and telescopes Seasonal star maps and glossary Internet links to exciting websites Pictures to download from the Usborne Quicklinks Website

Book information

Key Stage
Accelerated Reader level
6.2 MY
ISBN: 9780746099087
Extent: 48 pages
Dimensions: 250 x 190mm
Rachel Firth

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It's really good because it tells you what type of equipment to use and it tells you all about our solar system and the planets and you can see what we're doing in space as well.


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