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Eric Doomsday loves doing magic tricks, even though they always end up going very wrong, so he's determined to get it right for the Dreary Inkling school talent show. But when the talent-show judges reveal themselves to be hideous aliens who want to destroy the world, the fate of the planet rests on one boy. Can Eric's magic really save the day?

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Book information

ISBN: 9781474933667
Dimensions: 198 x 130mm
Paco Sordo

Author information

Matt Brown

Matt Brown is a broadcaster, husband and dad (although not necessarily in that order!) As a TV presenter he appeared on kids’ channel Nickelodeon and hosted loads of shows including The Bigger Breakfast, Love Island Aftersun and “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here…Now!”. He is currently the host of a Heart Breakfast radio show.

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Reader reviews

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“Aliens invaded my talent show”
I loved ALIENS INVADED MY TALENT SHOW! It was very interesting and intense. My favourite character was Eric, because I like magic too and his personality. Everything in the story made sense and I didn’t want to stop reading. I loved the illustrations and they also were what kept me reading. I already have recommended this book to some friends and they said they loved it as well!
“Aliens invaded my talent show”
Dramatic and funny!!!! To enjoy this book you probably need nerves of steel in nerve-racking parts and a good sense of humour. :) :) :) :) :)
“Aliens Invaded my Talent Show review”
As a Matt Brown fan and having read the ‘time travelling sandwich’ series I was looking forward to this novel. I was not disappointed I enjoyed reading this book because I liked the characters he had created, and he made them have a funny personality, the plot was exciting and kept me engaged in reading.
“Aliens Invaded my Talent Show”
First I have to say a big well done to Matt Brown for getting this book finished and Paco Sordo for the brilliant illustrations. First of all, this book was a great success. I gave two copies to my friends and they both loved it. I loved the twist how the world gets saved when it was on the end to destruction. I think this was left on a cliff-hanger so I hope there will be a book 2!
“Aliens Invaded my Talent Show”
I liked the book very much because I thought that it was extremely funny because of the illustrations in the book. I think that the picture on page 124 was the funniest picture in the book because there was 2 giant, funny looking aliens standing next to a tiny old lady. Also I liked the book because I love magic and there was a lot of magic in the book. My second favourite picture in the book was on page 40 because there was a fat unhealthy human scratching his butt. The writing was funny because the aliens kept saying funny things about humans.

Press reviews

“Just finished Aliens Invaded My Talent Show by @MattBrownAuthor a pitch-perfect laugh out loud joy of a read including a hamster called Steve Enjoy AND the third worst swear word in the world. The kind of book that makes everything feel not just all right but better. ”
“This brilliantly bonkers, irreverent and off-the-wall story is certainly guaranteed to hit all the right comedy buttons.”
“A recommendation for fans of funny books - I giggled and guffawed the whole way through.”