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Royal Rebel

Chapter 1

7.01 a.m. MONDAY at the palace…

Hi Tiara Girl. And welcome to your channel!

Your most recent video:

Tiara Girl’s Top Three Back-to-School Hairstyles has had:


WHAT? I lean in close to my laptop and peer carefully at the small black numbers.

I stare for a moment more, then rub my eyes. Late last night there had been only eight views…I’m sure.
I pull my pyjama sleeve down over my wrist and use it to wipe at the screen, but the number doesn’t change. So, no, it definitely isn’t smudged chocolate. I pull back with a sharp intake of breath.
Maybe something is wrong with my computer?
After all, I’ve never had a video go beyond twenty views before.

I refresh the page and what I see makes me jump back from my computer and bring my hands to my mouth in disbelief.


HUH?  Sixty more people have just watched my video in the time I’ve been staring at the screen!
Okay…this is no joke. My latest Tiara Girl video is already getting WAY more views than my three previous videos put together!
I only filmed the video yesterday afternoon, on my phone. I propped the phone up on some books and talked my way through three different hairstyles: a high sleek ponytail, a half-up/half-down style with a couple of cute hair clips and an amazing French braid that went front to back but then wrapped round the head.
Coco, my cocker spaniel, is in the video too, and I’d even braided her brown topknot (it is pretty long). So I guess that’s actually four hairstyles, although Coco’s doesn’t really count because she’s not going back to school. But she did look really cute! I put some pink-gold glitter around my eyes and we wore matching pink tops (both of which I’d made myself). Then I added some stars and captions to the video before uploading it late last night.
One word: LOVE!
Of course I might be a tiny bit biased…but seriously, I dare you to watch it and not agree that it’s the cutest thing ever.
And now over two hundred have seen the video!
I stand up, throw my fists in the air and dance in a circle before leaping onto my bed. I start bouncing up and down, singing at the top of my lungs. Coco, after a moment’s confusion, picks up on my excitement, leaps onto the bed after me and shimmies and barks beside me, her tail wagging happily.
“I’m a vlogger! A real, live vlogger! I laugh as I spring up and down. “Tiara Girl, I love you!”
I tell myself I’ll become the best, most amazing and totally awesome fashion vlogger anyone has ever seen! Nothing will stop me. NOTHING!!!
At that moment I hear a knock on my bedroom door, followed by a clipped voice. “Your Royal Highness? Time to get ready for school. You’re expected at breakfast in twenty minutes.”
All the excitement suddenly zaps out of me and I fall onto my rumpled sheets like a limp balloon. Coco licks my face as I sigh.
Ugh! That! And just when I’d forgotten…
That is the one small detail that might possibly stand between me and my whole fashion-vlogging dream.
Personally, I could work around it. I mean, I don’t think it’s that big a deal…
Okay, maybe it is… I guess it depends how you look at it.
Anyway…what I forgot to mention is that…er…umm…I’m a princess.
Yeah, I know, it adds a twist.
And you’re probably asking yourself, what’s the problem? A princess can do whatever she wants, right?
On its own, being a princess wouldn’t be such a problem if it wasn’t for one other little detail… I’m also first in line to the throne of the Queendom of Waldenburg.
Yup, that small fairy-tale-like queendom high in the mountains between France and Germany. Well, I’m its princess and my mum is its queen.
And according to my mum (Her Majesty Sophia XII, Queen of Waldenburg, if you want to be technical), if there is one thing (actually, according to my mother there are many, but for the sake of simplicity I’ll stick to one here) a princess and future queen does not do, it’s vlog about fashion…
So, if my situation sounds tricky, that’s because it is.
And guess what? I think it’s about to become a lot trickier…

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13-year-old Princess Lily of Waldenburg has a secret. When she's not writing speeches and practising curtsies, she's in her hidden turret filming amazing outfits for her style vlog, Tiara Girl. The trouble is the royal family would NOT approve. But as Tiara Girl becomes an online star, can Lily keep her secret identity, well, secret?

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Book information

Key Stage
ISBN: 9781474942409
Dimensions: 198 x 130mm

Author information

Carina Axelsson

Carina Axelsson is half-Swedish, half-Mexican and grew up in California. After moving to New York she embarked on a jet-setting modelling career which saw her starring in advertising and magazine campaigns across the globe, including shoots for Vogue and Elle. She is the author of the bestselling Model Under Cover series and splits her time between her UK writing bolthole and the fairy-tale forests of Germany. Author Location: UK & Germany.

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