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How many types of submarines are there? What are they used for? What is it like to live in one? This exciting, fact-packed book is illustrated with fabulous photographs, diagrams and comic strips, plus fold-out pages that reveal the hidden workings of a submarine. Includes links to websites with video clips, virtual tours and more information.

Book information

Key Stage
Accelerated Reader level
6.1 MY
ISBN: 9781474941945
Extent: 92 pages
Dimensions: 204 x 150mm
Emmanuel Cerisier & Giovanni Paulli

Author information

Alex Frith

Alex Frith has been a children's author for more than a decade, covering every topic on Earth, from prehistoric animals to robots with artificial intelligence, and everything under the Sun, from the origins of the Universe to the adventures of Thor, God of Thunder. At home he reads too many comics, and attempts to raise three children with an awful lot of help from his wife, and no help at all from his cat.


Visit Usborne Quicklinks for links to websites where you can take a virtual tour of a submarine, find out about everyday life on a nuclear submarine, watch archive film of U-boats and learn about submarines that explore the depths of the ocean.

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